Hot Breakfast Theme (VRV10)

by Morbid By Moonlight

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  • Hot Breakfast Theme Cassette

    The track is split up between three cassettes. The first one was buried in the mountains of Bhutan somewhere within 30 feet of 27°35'36''N 89°38'20.75''E (WGS84) on 18 May, 2016. The second one was hidden in Salt Lake City near 40°46'57.7''N 111°52'59''W (WGS84) on 3 January, 2017. The third one is being sold online here. Your only hope of ever hearing the full track is to go to the previously mentioned locations and hope the tapes are still there, or track down where they went. Any damage caused to them by the elements should be considered a part of the track.

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Morbid By Moonlight's first album. A 93:15 harsh noise track. No digital copy exists or will ever exist.


released January 4, 2017



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