Eighteen Track 8​-​Track Attack (VRV07)

by Agathocles

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    This is NOT a cassette; it's an 8-track, a format so old that Bandcamp doesn't have an option to list one. Grindcore was born in 1986 and the 8-track died in 1988. This is the largest grind 8-track release made to date. Comes with original 1970s cardboard sleeve.

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Agathocles is the Belgian grindcore band that's been going non-stop since the 1980s. They're the pioneers who just keep on going. Huge thanks to Jan for making this physical release possible.

These songs were recorded and mixed on December 17/18, 1994, at the SOUNDSHAPE-studios in Arendonk, Belgium. The line-up at the time was Jan (bass/voice), Steve (guitar/voice) and Burt (drums).

Agathocles has released numerous records, tapes, CDs, DVDs, flexi-discs, and even a floppy disk. Now they can definitively say they've also done an 8-track. If you ever want to contact Agathocles about doing a split or a release of some sort, here you go: mincemania@hotmail.com.


released January 23, 2016



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Big One
Aggressive soldiers are coming near
Whole the world is filled with fear
First victims are falling down
Will I be the next to die?
I look at the sky, what do I see?
I see big bombs falling upon me
I get up to take my breath
But instead some bullets in my head

This first attack is not totally completed
But our earth is yet intensely defeated
I lay suffering on the ground
And I hear the others crying
Last strike is raging with violence
But what is the use, all is dead
After the big one, there are none
Only corpses, rotten to the bone
Track Name: The Fog
The fog is a sinister
form of nature
creeping slowly
above the ground

but on the highway
It kills people
A sacrifice
for mother nature
Track Name: Teachers
Are you just like me
on a bullshit mentally school
where teachers abuse their power
and are making fun of you

teachers, superior bastards,
to hell with you
teachers, pretentious scum,
we got something else to do
teachers, superior bastards,
a punch in your stomachs
teachers, pretentious scum,
that’s all you need
Track Name: The Accident
It was August 1987
Butchers were working
In the slaughterhouse
Killing many animals
To satisfy human lust
Strange things can happen
And tables can turn too
So just listen to this
‘Cause the butchers wife
She suddenly pushed out
And this meant her death
She got impaled on a fleshhook

The hook grinded her throat
and it found its way
through her mouth, to her brains
yes, she bled to death
Track Name: Mutilated Regurgitator
There is an animal
with mutilated guts
caused by vivisection
but now escaped and MAD

And this animal
it is coming back
to crush all companies
which support such acts
Track Name: Consuming Endoderme Pus
Animal slaughter, it continues all the time
The meat-industry is cashing in
But, I’ll tell you, what I’ll do to them,
fucking ignorant consumers

Track Name: Splattered Brains
Posers with long hair
wimps with baseball caps
only in it for the outfit

New wavers turning into HC
only to be cool
only the outfit, not the music

In their heads
nothing else than
some splattered brains

I wonder
if they even understand
the meaning of vivisection
Track Name: Christianity Means Tyranny
Did you ever realize
that millions of people
had to die
for Christianity

All those people
found their death
Accused of witchcraft
Or charged with heresy

And still they tell
that Jesus loves people
but why so many bloodshed
of innocent people

And that stupid pope
He exploits and deceives people
Why don’t they admit that
christianity means tyranny
Track Name: Squeeze Anton
Oh Anton, you’re such a dickhead,
Do you really think you’re the lord of satanism
Your fucked up views, we spit on those

Squeeze Anton, the fake satanist,
Feed his guts to his dogs of hell,
Squeeze Anton, skin his dick,
Occultism is not a business thing.

Anton and the white pope,
Are the same kind of jerks,
Earning lots of money,
By means of religious ignorance
Track Name: Introtyl
Toxic air
Birds all dead
Poisoned water
Fish can’t breathe

Grey sky
We all will die
Enjoy you life
Before we all go
Track Name: Wiped From The Surface
Nuclear intoxication
Areas where all life has gone

Exposed to radiation
Research the effects of the bomb

Militarism fucks up things
Only trying a war to win
Reducing humans to a thing
Thrown like garbage in the bin

Addicted to power
Addicted to greed
Another mutant born
From the capitalist breed

Research for what purpose?
To blast all life-forms from the surface

Does science know its limits?
Will the threshold ever be reached?
Track Name: Debalance Their Policy
Are elections a democratic value?
Because nothing seems to fucking change
Injustice remains like a giant statue
Only politicians profit from the election-game

Voting blanco, voting radical
Does it really matter? I can’t see
Policy fails to please us all
It’s like being bothered by lice and fleas

Remember when you have to vote
Spit out what they force down your throat
Democracy to justify personal greed
That’s what we don’t fucking need

Promises and promises is what you’ll get
Have you given your vote, just for that?
Debalance this system, for a start
Re-evaluate it all, then make your words hard

Once elected, you’ll be neglected
Four more years to fill their wallets
Once elected, they’re politically protected
Leaving another crisis, they have bred
Track Name: Another Need To Be Fed
Gadget production
Needless consumption
Promoting stuff we don’t need
Useless fashion is what they feed
Track Name: Screenfreak
Regression of intelligence - screenfreak
Chained to the common sense

Swallowing all on your TV-screen – screenfreak
A book is what you’ve never seen

A screenfreak is what you’ve become
A living lie, being kept dumb

Instead of pushing heroin – screenfreak
You’re addicted to your fucking screen

Extinction of creativity – screenfreak
The real world you will never see
Track Name: Bring Down Their Throne
Ignorance is a powerful tool
For the educated class to rule
Keep the mass dumb, keep it silent
Is what the government does, so take a stand

Learn some insight in this system
What they create, we can change
Education for the masses
Will bring down the throne of the masters
Track Name: Pigs In Blue
Walking in the streets
Cops come and beat
Was it my fucking hair?
Or the filthy clothes I wear?

Police brutality – legal discrimination
The pigs in blue – paid by the nation
Police brutality – everywhere I go
I have to endure – their machoshow

But I’ve had enough
Of their racist stuff
Society is to blame
For giving them the right to reign
Track Name: I Just Won't Fit
Our lives consist of expectations
Which we are obliged to fulfill
Our lives consist of positions
Which are dominating our free will

These social pressures weigh
Way too much upon me
I can’t handle it anymore
It is splitting my brain in pieces

A conscience, mine is gone
Schizophrenic, I have become
My acts are grey and cold
My hatred can not be told

Putting people into pain
Is what’s going around in my brain
But I don’t care at all
I haven’t got any feelings now

I’m a paranoid schizophrenic
Armies of misanthropes in my head
I’m a paranoid schizophrenic
By morals I can’t be led

I’m not fucking sick
Or whatever you might call it
I’m not sick at all
It’s just that I won’t fit
Track Name: Threshold To Senility
You’re struggling with intense revolt
A thoughtless mind, but not too bold
I wonder where you have left your pride
To play your music fucking loud

You were just a fashion pig
On threshold to senility

You’ve turned into a different state
You’ve become the silly dick you used to hate
You’re now dressed up nice and cut your hair
You’re even wearing perfumed underwear

You were just a fashion pig
On threshold to senility